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  • Additional Costs to Consider When Developing a Website

    Domain Name Registration
    A domain name is essentially the internet address linked to your website. For example, “www.hotweazel.com” is the domain name you entered to access our website. You can check for the availability of a given domain name and register it using the following website. Domain names cannot be purchased, however, they may be rented yearly.

    Offers domain names for sale, starting at $8.95 per year for a “.com” address (without any promotion). If you currently have your domain name registered with another registrar, you may transfer it to GoDaddy.com for $6.95 (includes 1 free year).

    Certified Offer Service
    Is the domain name you want already registered? The Certified Offer Service offered by Network Solutions presents an instant offer, on your behalf, to the owner of the domain name. They charge a $19 flat non-refundable fee and 5% of the transaction (if the sale is successful). In addition, you receive any existing years on the domain name registration transfer for free and Network Solutions will add a free additional year to the registration.

    Web Hosting Service
    Web hosting is a service that provides a physical location in which a website resides. Customers’ websites are stored on computer servers located in secure and climate-controlled environments and permanently connected to the internet through high-speed data lines. Programmers can work on webpage files and upload them to the server, where they become live and visible to anyone surfing the World Wide Web.

    Hotweazel.com offers hosting services for its clients. Depending on what type of website you will have created and the needs of the business (number of e-mail accounts, bandwidth, etc.), the price will be determined accordingly.

    In order to enhance the look and feel of your website, you may want to take advantage of professional photography. Below, we have listed companies which offer their images for sale. Please be aware that “rights managed” images are very expensive (we suggest searching through “royalty-free” images). Furthermore, websites do not require anything more than the lowest quality images available (which are also the least expensive).

    Extremely cheap, high quality, royalty-free photo images starting at about $1 each
    Hotweazel.com’s highest recommendation based on price, quality, and selection

    Extremely cheap royalty-free photo images starting at about $0.21 each

    Subscription entitles you to unlimited downloads of royalty-free photo images
    Images are also sold individually

    Offering a vast selection of royalty-free and rights managed photo images

    Subscription entitles you to unlimited downloads of royalty-free photo images
    We recommend purchasing the 1 month subscription and downloading all necessary images within that timeframe

    Subscription entitles you to unlimited downloads of clip art and photo images